• Integral Vision

  • Strategic Facilitation

  • Innovation

  • Natural Designs

  • Impeccability

  • Learning

  • Consciousness


Set of individuals and teams who work towards organizational goals.


Physical, cultural and strategic system in which the organization operates.


Set of dynamic  and recurring coordinations whose function is to achieve the goals desired by the organization.


Superior objective of the organization, the scope that makes sense of and configures the network of internal and external relationships based on their goals.

We facilitate evolutionary processes of adaptation and change , working on the strategic possibilities of the organization with focus on people , processes and platforms

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Valparaiso returns to the sea

Chile has an extensive coast from north to south (5.000 km), but the interaction of citizens with it is distant. Some reasons for this are mainly due to the lack of public access…

Organization View

A few years ago, at Plataforma Aurea´s Lab, we started a conversation regarding how to look and understand organizations. We realized that we couldn’t look at the complexity that was happening and that…

An experience as a practicing at Plataforma Áurea

Not long ago, I received my Psychologist title from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Since this university requires it, I was lucky to make two practices in the area of organizational psychology; a pre-practice prior to…

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