20th Business Encounter DIVE: A new way of doing business.

During the 8th, 9th, and 10th of June, it was held at Viña del Mar , the 20th Business Encounter organized by Valparaíso´s Regional Chamber of Commerce (CRCP), one of the most important business meeting organized outside of Santiago. This year’s theme was “DIVE: A new way of doing business” based on Sustainable Development, Innovation, Shared Value and Entrepreneurship.  With a massive attendance of businessmen, national and regional official authorities and prominent speakers which included Plataforma Aurea. It´s important to highlight that the 20th Business Encounter is considered an important showcase of the nation’s most relevant and important economic topics.

Plataforma Aurea was present at the Seminar titled “Immerse yourself in DIVE”, a very interesting seminar hosted by renowned journalist and entrepreneur, Matias del Rio , with the participation of Julian Ugarte (Executive Director at SociaLab), Juan Pablo Larenas (Executive Director at Sistema B), Pedro Traverso (President of the Board at Late!) and Pablo Reyes (Co Founder  of Plataforma Aurea).  The speakers had the opportunity to debate on some of the challenges of our economy and the new mindsets and logics required for building socially responsible companies in harmony with the environment and capable of addressing the rising complexity of our days.

The seminar was also the opportunity for Juan Pablo Larenas, Executive Director at Sistemas B, to congratulate and present Plataforma Aurea as a newly certificated B Company, the third in the region of Valparaíso.

Conscious Companies

During Plataforma Aurea´s presentation, Pablo Reyes spoke about the importance of visualizing organizations as complex and living organisms capable of evolving and adapting to sail uncertainty and the out of scale phenomena that are rising in occurrence. He also made a plea to the attendees to align the Seminar´s concepts of Sustainable Development, Innovation, Shared Value and Entrepreneurship with the purpose of companies, pointing out that evolution is a contact sport that requires commitment and a permanent iteration.

Plataforma Aurea´s presentation was complemented with the participation of the outstanding panel of speakers, who all agreed with the vision of more conscious companies and the need to address the complex processes that our society faces.

The invitation to speak at the 20th Business Encounter organized by Valparaíso´s Regional Chamber of Commerce, the presentation delivered at the Future Congress 2016, and the multiple interventions alongside universities, companies, public sector agencies, among others,  are proof of Plataforma Aurea´s protagonism and experience in Organizational Culture, Evolutionary Processes and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems, based on the constant review of integral organizational models, new management tools and excellence and rigorousness  in our work.

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