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A few years ago, at Plataforma Aurea´s Lab, we started a conversation regarding how to look and understand organizations. We realized that we couldn’t look at the complexity that was happening and that the models that we used only showed us several aspects and left out others that we couldn´t see.

For starters, we decided to use the integral model AQAL (All quadrants, All Levels) and, from its four quadrants, took a look at the organizations from the Individual Interior, the Collective Interior, the External Individual and the Collective Exterior, to approach the organizations in an integral manner.

We also used the Vmemetic and evolutionary cultural approach, a transdisciplinary (Bio-psycho-socio-cultural)  model, designed for cultural transformation and integral management based on values; which addressees the complexity of human and organizational development, analyzing it through paradigm systems configured throughout its history. This glance enables us to visualize the evolutionary cultural configuration of organizations in order to align its purpose with its internal (organization) and external (environment) complexity.

From these different approaches (and our experience working with organizations), we’ve come up with Plataforma Aurea´s Living Organizations Model®, which helps us understand the phenomenon we are living and the incapacity of our current ways to approach this fourth industrial revolution that we´re living.

The adaptive challenge of organizations was one of the main focuses that guided us through these last 10 years and now we can finally say that we have an available instrument for organizations around the world to visualize the complexity of current organizations and their existing gaps.

From the Plataforma Aurea´s Living Organization Model we developed the OrganizationView Test that serves to visualize organizations according to this integral model. We use it as a tool to measure the organizational alignment between the actual and desired perception of the organization. It diagnoses the underlying logics regarding purpose, processes, platforms and people that comprise the organization. It evaluates the coherence degree that exists among them and determines the gaps that are required to be addressed.



Organization View© takes a look into the 4 quadrants: Individual Interior, Collective Interior, Individual Exterior and Collective Interior; that compose:

4 Dimensions: Purpose, understood as the superior objective of the organization, that area that gives sense and sets the network of relations both internally and externally to achieve its goal.

People, as the set of individuals and teams that put their action in service of organizational results.

Processes, a set of recurrent and dynamic coordination in function of achieving results sought by the organizations.

Platforms, understood as the system-management, the physical aspect, cultural and strategic in which the organization develops.

12 areas: Mission, Vision, Values, Learning, Performance, Motivation, Culture, Life Conditions, Management System, Compromises, Roles and Strategy.

6 Cultures: Culture of Security: seeks the protection, caring and respect. The people are self-sacrifice in pursuit of the clan´s security. The roles are defined by the elderly in a family-like structure.

Culture of Power: seeks short term personal power. People learn through rewards or punishment. Trophies are valued. The roles and compromises are declared by the authority in a leader centered vertical structure.

Culture of Order: It´s purpose is order, structure, to maintain a higher truth. People are obedient. Roles are defined according to norms and established protocols in a bureaucratic pyramidal structure based on hierarchies.

Culture of Strategic Achievement: seeks success, achievement and discovery. Learning is based on measurable results. Roles are defined strategically and pragmatically in a matrix structure.

Culture of People: Its purpose is the inclusiveness and bonding of people. Processes are determined by consensus in a horizontal structure.

Culture of Complexity: Multi-Purpose. Learning has diverse focus and it is careful. Processes are leveraged in function of purposes. Pragmatic, in networks, self-organized and fluent.

Organization View © is used to guide interventions in organizational culture, change management, cultural innovation,  high performance teams, collective ventures, startups and organizations of any size and purpose which seek  to have information regarding  what they see and what they want to achieve.

It identifies alignment gaps. It generates individual and team reports, with information regarding de current and desired adaptation mechanisms. It allows intergroup comparison and offers information regarding the desired organization and different ways to approach it.  

Testimonies of Organization View © users:

“The experience of taking the test, was useful to understand more deeply what is and how we are dreaming Fundación Emilia. It was a gratifying experience both taking the test among the team, and seeing the evaluation. It seems like a very useful opportunity and absolutely advisable. (Benjamin Silva, Executive Vice President of Fundación Emilia,

“We are a young company in constant change, adapting ourselves to the requirements of the market and validating an innovative product. We have no margin for mistakes and if we make them, we must react rapidly to make adjustments and re focus. Getting better insight of the working team is basic for understanding each other and being able to react together fast and trusting in each other’s abilities.  The Organization View© test, is simple to use tool that provided us with extremely useful information regarding the organizational tendency of our company and the individual results of our members. From where we are now to how we would like to work, how are we growing and what is our ideal” (Rodrigo Mena, founder of We Technologies,

“Minga Digital is a young company with young professionals that are venturing in the digital marketing area. Doing the Organization View© test with Plataforma Aurea, has helped us to understand where the associates and collaborators of Minga are “standing”.  They have provided us with tools to deal with our business and future growth with solid foundations and aligned with the vision of those leading the company.  (Gonzalo Parra, General Manager,

Two month ago we started a testing phase, in which to date, have participated organizations from Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand, England and South Africa. We would like to acknowledge and thank them for their participation. It has been a great learning process.

We are proud and thankful of everyone and each organization that have been a part  of this development, specially our team, Omar Cid, Martin Salinas, Catalina Flaño, Alejandro Reyes, Mariel Torres, Marcela Torres and Claudia Acevedo.

This new test adds to the View Series in






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Aldo Ilardi

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